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2023 Summer

Swim Team



Seahawks Summer 2023 Swim Lesson

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Swim Team
Water Polo

Founded in 1997, the Seahawks  offer competitive swimming for all ages with an emphasis on Christian characther. The Seahawks are coached by Matt Finneran, a homeschool dad with over 24 years age group and high school coaching experience.


The Christian Community Swim Team is designed to provide a wholesome foundation for families who desire a swim club guided by Christian values. It takes dedication and hard work to be a strong swimmer. These disciplines help build a foundation of character that may benefit the young Christian athlete, not only throughout his youth, but later on in life. Our program focuses on developing proper technique, challenging swim sets to improve times and endurance, and competitive swim meet opportunities.






Swim Team


Water Polo





The Christian Community offers beginning and competitive stroke swim lessons each Monday AND Thursday, beginning Sept. 14.. Each child registered for lessons will receive instruction twice per week for three weeks.. Final placement verification for new members and first-time sign-ups will be decided by the head swim coach.


Beginning Lessons (ages 3 & up) Child will be taught the basics of beginning swimming: front float, back float, kicking on stomach and back, simple crawl stroke movements and jumping or diving into deep water.


Competitive Stroke Lessons

Child will be taught the basics for the three competitive strokes: freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Participants are also taught the proper techniques for an effective racing dive. Requirement: Child should be able to front float and back float for at least 10 seconds with no limb movement. They must also be able to propel themselves in the water, head down, while alternating to breathe by rolling on their backs without stopping for 15 yards. Child should have no fear of jumping into deep water.


Cost: $60 per child per session, $50 for second child and $40 for third child. Additional children are $30 each.




One of the most challenging of all competitive sports, water polo combines the skills of swimming and basketball with the strong arm of a baseball player into one fast, action paced game. Competition is for boys and girls ages 11 through 19. Practices consists of ball handling and shooting skills, defensive tactics and scrimmages. Requirements: Swimmers must meet the requirements of the Blue Swim Team. Water Polo will run on Wednesdays beginning Wednesday, September 9. 

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