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Seahawks Swim Gear


No "Speedos" for boys or two piece for girls. 

Team suit is solid black.  Fins required and all Silver and Platinum swimmers should have pull paddles.  Since, TAC no longer guarantees kickboards being available, we recommend purchasing your own.


Also:  There's somewhat of a sale going on now at Swim Outlet regarding our team suits and other paraphernalia.  If you get a membership at $4.99 it covers one year of discounts and free shipping.   Our team TYR girls' suits (Diamondfit and Duraflex) and boys' jammers are on sale.  However, especially for the girls, there are a lot of similar suits that are less expensive, that i'm okay with, and I've provided a link for.  it's difficult (nearly impossible) to find modest girls suits, but please do your best to find suits that expose as little as possible 


For the fall, I'm recommending everyone buy their own kickboard because TAC is not supplying boards like they used.  And I want everyone on Blue/Silver/Platinum to get pull paddles.  The older high school boys should get the Arena paddles.  Everyone else should get the smaller assorted paddles.  When you go to the link for paddles, it will give you an option for a recommendation list.   Also, remember flippers are required for all team levels.   Our team suits must be solid black with no added colors.

Purchase options are best at Swim Outlet but these prices change regularly (lasst updated SEP 2023).


Swim Outlet

Fins  $21.95, 19.87 membership



Speedo Paddle   $22.00, $17.60 membership price




Grils Diamondfit 69.99, 59.44 membership

Girls Maxfit  69.99, 55.99 membership

Girls Solid Black Assortment better solid black suit prices


Boys Jammer

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