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Seahawks Swim Meet & Lane Line Fundraiser​

Volunteer Timers @ TAC

NC Age Group Championships

NC Senior Championships


Seahawks:  Watch the top swimmers in North Carolina and help gain lane line and summer swim meet credit for the Seahawks. TAC management has requested the Seahawks help in supplying timers for two Fridays of NC Champion swim meets this month.  


Below are the sessions they need help with.  Each volunteer provides the Seahawks TAC  lane line and swim meet credit for year (our summer swim meets cost close to $1000 each).  You'll have the best "seats" in the house to witness top swim athletes from North Carolina.  Being at TAC since it's inception in 2007, we like to support them whenever we can, as a way to say thanks. Your contribution would be appreciated: 

  • NC Swimming Age Group Champs

    • Friday, 2/16

      • 7:45a-12p – up to 12

      • 12:15-4:30p – up to 12

  • NC Swimming Senior Champs

    • Friday, 2/23

      • 8:15a-12:30p – up to 12



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