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NOTE: If both teams go, this roster could change, meaning some could be moved down or up based on where they are most needed or would get more playing time.  If there is not enough for VAR B to attend, those players, who can attend, may request to be added to the VAR A roster.


NACA National Tournament May 7-10

Varsity A Roster

Adam Clark

Landon Cole

Eli Dadisman

Benjamin Guy

Aidan Harnois

Andrew Helfin

Jeffrey Hunter

Jasper Knight

Paul Seidel

Braylon Slater

Josh Taylor

Graham Virag

Tim Thibault

Daniel Wallace


NACA National Tournament May 7-10

Varsity B Roster.

Joey Birrittiera

Colby Ferrell

Mickey Johnson

Zach Livers

Joshua Wilkins 

Colby Ferrel

Carter Haynes

Braylon Miller

Cooper Pridgen

Jackson Lane

Carter Richard

Chase Ruhl

Payton Warlop

Garrett Watkins

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