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CORE is for athletes who desire not only to maximize their physical abilities, but also grow strong in Christian character in the process.


Strengthening the CORE muscles in an athlete is vital for high level performance, optimal strength, endurance and the minimizing of injuries.  


The same holds true for the CORE of a young athlete's character. Every coach knows that maturity is a key factor to athletic achievements. Without it, even the most talented athletes have little chance of success.


That's why we formed CORE Athletes.


We believe that competitive athletics, done in the right environment, will buoy the young boy or girl to make mature choices at this vulnerable age that will not only beneefit athletic performance but his or her walk with Christ. Our hope for CORE is that your child will be bettered prepared to handle future responsibilities down the road and into adulthood.

CORE Activities are specifically designed for homeschool families but we do allow non-homeschool athletes who respect and abide by the Christian principles of our organization.


CORE Matters



We believe that attitude is everything.  The difference between maturing and remaining childish, developing skills or seeing no marked improvement, building strong team relationships or being sour at the end of the season, is often simply determined by one's attitude.  Humility, courage, patience, kindness, unselfishness, thankfulness and self-control are the CORE elements we exhort in all our athletes


We expect our athletes to give 100 percent in practice so that they can compete 100 percent in games. We believe a good work ethic is the guarantor of.success for the athlete and the team. Consistent, regular hard work combined with focused concentration on proper mechanics will bring skilled performance results and build the confidence needed to compete at a higher level. 


Being held accountable to a team and its principles will greatly influence the choices a Christian athlete makes. Devotion to teammates, families and the coaching staff will bring far greater results than just playing sports for one's own benefit. We believe team chemistry is best created by individual commitment and friendships that prepare them to be productive and dependable in adulthood.

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